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BMW 7 Series (G11/G12) 2015-2022 Owners Manuals: Glass sunroof- Functional requirements

The glass sunroof and the sun protection can be operated under the following conditions.

The vehicle key must be in the car's interior.

Lifting/closing glass sunroof

Push switch briefly upward.

Opening/closing the glass sunroof and sun protection separately

Opening/closing the glass sunroof and sun protection together

Briefly press the switch twice in
succession in the desired direction past the resistance point.

The glass sunroof and sun protection move together. Pressing the switch upward stops the motion.

Comfort position

In some models, the wind noises in the car's interior are lowest when the glass sunroof is not fully open. In these models, the automatic function initially only opens the glass sunroof up to this comfort position.

Pressing the switch again opens the glass sunroof fully.

Depending on equipment: opening/closing the rear sun protection

On the roofliner control panel

Press the button to open the rear
sun protection.

Press button again to stop the movement.

Press the button to close the
rear sun protection.

Press button again to stop the movement.

On the control panel in the rear doors

It is not possible to operate the rear sun protection via the switches in the rear if the safety function is switched on.

Press the button to open the
closed sun protection or to close the open sun protection.

Press button again to stop the movement.

When the button is pressed again, the sun protection will move in the opposite direction.

Additional information: Safety switch

BMW Touch Command

The front and rear sun protection can also be operated using BMW Touch Command.

Actions during unlocking/locking

If the vehicle is locked from the outside, the rear sun protection is automatically closed.

When the vehicle is unlocked, the sun protection automatically moves into the position where it was prior to locking.

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