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BMW 7 Series (G11/G12) 2015-2022 Owners Manuals: With Parking Assistant: Parking Assistant- Driving out of a parking space using the parking assistant

BMW 7 Series (G11/G12) 2015-2022 Owners Manuals / Controls / Driver assistance systems / With Parking Assistant: Parking Assistant- Driving out of a parking space using the parking assistant


The system makes driving out of parallel parking spaces easier.

General information

Steptronic transmission

The parking assistant calculates an optimal line for pulling out of a parking space and takes control of the following functions during the maneuver:

The vehicle maneuvers automatically until the vehicle reaches a position in which the driver can drive out of the parking space without further steering movements.

Functional requirements

Driving out of parking spaces

  1. Switch on drive-ready state.
  2.  Steptronic transmission: Press the park assistance button or shift into reverse gear when the vehicle is stationary to switch on the parking assistant.
  3. Tilt the controller to the right and activate the parking assistant on the Control Display:
    "Autom. Parking"
  4.  On the Control Display, confirm the required direction for driving out of the parking space if necessary.
  5. Steptronic transmission: The system takes control of the maneuver. A message will be displayed at the end of the maneuver.
  6. Make sure that the traffic situation permits driving out of the parking space and drive off as usual.

    The parking assistant is switched off automatically.

System limits

Safety information


The system is designed to operate in certain conditions and circumstances. Due to conditions or other factors, the system may not respond.

There may be a risk of accident or risk of damage to property. Actively intervene as warranted. Refer to the information in this Owner's Manual regarding the scope of the system's operation and limitations.

No parking assistance

The parking assistant does not offer assistance in the following situations:

Functional limitations

The system may not be fully functional in the following situations:

Limits of ultrasonic measurement

The detection of objects with ultrasonic measurements can run into physical limits, e.g., in the following situations:


A Check Control message is displayed.

The parking assistant failed. Have the system checked by a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.

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