Toyota RAV4 manuals

Toyota RAV4 Service Manual: Removal

  1. Disconnect cable from negative battery terminal


Wait at least 90 seconds after disconnecting the cable from the negative (-) battery terminal to prevent airbag and seat belt pretensioner activation.

  1. Remove no. 1 Engine under cover

  2. Remove front fender apron rh

  3. Remove radiator support opening cover

  4. Drain engine coolant (see page co-6)

  5. Remove front suspension member reinforcement rh (see page em-6)

  6. Remove fan and generator v belt (see page em-6)

  7. Remove generator assembly (see page ch-9)

  8. Remove water pump pulley

Toyota RAV4. Remove water pump pulley

  1. Using sst, remove the 4 bolts and water pump pulley.

Sst 09960-10010 (09962-01000, 09963-00700)

  1. Remove water pump assembly

Toyota RAV4. Remove water pump assembly

  1. Remove the clamp of the crankshaft position sensor from the water pump.
  2. Disconnect the wire of the crankshaft position sensor from the clamp bracket.

Toyota RAV4. Remove water pump assembly

  1. Remove the 4 bolts, 2 nuts and clamp bracket.

Toyota RAV4. Remove water pump assembly

  1. Using a screwdriver, pry between the water pump and cylinder block, and then remove the water pump.


Be careful not to damage the contact surfaces of the water pump and cylinder block.

Water pump

Inspect water pump assembly Visually check the drain hole for coolant leakage. If leakage is found, replace the water pump assembly. Turn the pulley, and then check that the water ...

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On-vehicle inspection
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Inspect cylinder block for warpage Using a precision straightedge and feeler gauge, measure the warpage of the surface that is in contact with the cylinder head gasket. Maximum warpage: 0.05 Mm (0.0020 In.) If the warpage is greater than the maximum, replace the cylinder block ...

Room temperature sensor (for automatic ai conditioning system)
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