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Toyota RAV4 (XA40) 2013-2018 Owners Manual: Playing back mp3 and wma discs

Toyota RAV4. Playing back mp3 and wma discs

  1. Power
  2. Volume
  3. Cd eject
  4. Selecting a file or displaying folder list
  5. Searching playback
  6. Next commands, random play or back button
  7. Repeat play
  8. Fast-forwarding, rewinding or selecting a folder
  9. Changing the audio source/ playback
  10. Playback/pause
  11. Previous commands
  12. Selecting a file
  13. Displaying text message

Loading and ejecting mp3 and wma discs

Selecting a folder

Selecting folders one at a time

Press (<folder) or
(folder>) to select the desired folder.

Press (more>) to display the

Selecting a folder and file from folder list

  1. Press the “tune•scroll” knob.

    The folder list will be displayed.

  2. Turn and press the knob to select a folder and a file.

    To return to the previous display, press

Returning to the first folder

Press and hold (<folder) until you
hear a beep.

Scanning a folder

  1. Press and hold the “scan” button until you hear a beep.

    The first 10 seconds of the first file in each folder will be played.

    To cancel, press the button again.

  2. When the desired folder is reached, press the button again.

Selecting a file

Turn the ¢§tune¢escroll¢¸ knob or press
on the
button to select the desired file.

Scanning the files in a folder

Scanning the files in a folder

  1. Press the “scan” button.

    The first 10 seconds of each file will be played.

    To cancel, press the button again.

  2. When the desired file is reached, press the button again.

Fast-forwarding and rewinding files

Press (<back)
to display the commands.

Random play

Pressing  (rdm)
changes modes in the following order:

Folder random
disc random off

Press  (more>)
to display the command.

Repeat play

(rpt) changes modes in the following order: file repeat
folder repeat*

*: Available except when rdm (random play) is selected

Press  (more>)
to display the command.

Playing and pausing tracks

Press (  ).

Press (<back)
to display the command.

Switching the display

Press the “text” button to display or hide the album title.

If there are continuing texts, is displayed.

Press and hold the button to display the remaining texts.


Error messages

“Error”: this indicates a trouble either in the cd or inside the player.

“Cd check”: the cd may be dirty, damaged or inserted upside-down.

“No support”: this indicates that the mp3/wma file is not included in the cd.

Discs that can be used

Cd player protection feature

If a cd is left inside the cd player or in the ejected position for extended periods

Lens cleaners

Mp3 and wma files

Mp3 (mpeg audio layer3) is a standard audio compression format.

Files can be compressed to approximately 1/10 of their original size by using mp3 compression.

Wma (windows media audio) is a microsoft audio compression format.

This format compresses audio data to a size smaller than that of the mp3 format.

There is a limit to the mp3 and wma file standards and to the media/formats recorded by them that can be used.

Mp3 file compatibility

Mp3 (mpeg1 layer3, mpeg2 lsf layer3)

Mpeg1 layer3: 32, 44.1, 48 (Khz) mpeg2 lsf layer3: 16, 22.05, 24 (Khz)

Mpeg1 layer3: 32 „o 320 (kbps)

Wma file compatibility

Wma ver. 7, 8, 9

32, 44.1, 48 (Khz)

Ver. 7, 8: Cbr 48 „o 192 (kbps) ver. 9: Cbr 48 „o 320 (kbps)

Media that can be used for mp3 and wma playback are cd-rs and cdrws.

Playback in some instances may not be possible, depending on the status of the cd-r or cd-rw. Playback may not be possible or the audio may jump if the disc is scratched or marked with fingerprints.

The following disc formats can be used.

Cd-rom mode 1 and mode 2

Cd-rom xa mode 2, form 1 and form 2

File formats: iso9660 level 1, level 2, (romeo, joliet) mp3 and wma files written in any format other than those listed above may not play correctly, and their file names and folder names may not be displayed correctly.

Items related to standards and limitations are as follows.

File names

The only files that can be recognized as mp3/wma and played are those with the extension .Mp3 or .Wma.


As the audio system is compatible with multi-sessions, it is possible to play discs that contain mp3 and wma files. However, only the first session can be played.

Id3 and wma tags

Id3 tags can be added to mp3 files, making it possible to record the track title and artist name, etc.

The system is compatible with id3 ver. 1.0, 1.1, And ver. 2.2, 2.3 Id3 tags.

(The number of characters is based on id3 ver. 1.0 And 1.1.) Wma tags can be added to wma files, making it possible to record the track title and artist name in the same way as with id3 tags.

Mp3 and wma playback

When a disc containing mp3 or wma files is inserted, all files on the disc are first checked. Once the file check is finished, the first mp3 or wma file is played. To make the file check finish more quickly, we recommend you do not write in any files other than mp3 or wma files or create any unnecessary folders.

If the discs contain a mixture of music data and mp3 or wma format data, only music data can be played.


If the file extensions .Mp3 and .Wma are used for files other than mp3 and wma files, they will be mistakenly recognized and played as mp3 and wma files. This may result in large amounts of interference and damage to the speakers.



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