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Toyota RAV4 Owners Manual: Seat heaters

  1. Turns on the front left seat heater (high)
  2. Turns on the front left seat heater (low)
  3. Turns on the front right seat heater (high)
  4. Turns on the front right seat heater (low)

The indicator light comes on.

Toyota RAV4. Seat heaters

The seat heaters can be used when

Vehicles without a smart key system

The engine switch is in the “on” position.

Vehicles with a smart key system

The engine switch is in ignition on mode.

When not in use

Turn the seat heater off by returning the switch to its level position. The indicator light turns off.



Use caution when seating the following persons in a seat with the seat heater on to avoid the possibility of burns:

Do not cover the seat with anything when using the seat heater.

Using the seat heater with a blanket or cushion increases the temperature of the seat and may lead to overheating.

Do not use the seat heater more than necessary. Doing so may cause minor burns or overheating.


To prevent seat heater damage

Do not put unevenly weighted objects on the seat and do not stick sharp objects (needles, nails, etc.) Into the seat.

To prevent battery discharge

Turn the seat heaters off when the engine is not running.

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