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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Operating the interior lights

■ Front interior lights

Turns the lights on/off

Using the interior lights

Turns the switch to the door position (door linked)

When a door is opened while the door position is on, the lights turn on.

Using the interior lights

  1. Turns the door position on
  2. Turns the lights off

■ Rear interior light

Using the interior lights

  1. Turns the light on
  2. Turns the door-linked function on (door position)

The light turns on/off according to the opening/closing of the doors.

Operating the personal lights

Turns the lights on/off

Using the interior lights

Location of the interior lights
Rear interior light Front interior lights/personal lights Open tray lights (if equipped)* Footwell lights (if equipped)* Front cup holder lights (if equipped)* *: These lights turn on when a ...

Using the storage features

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