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Toyota RAV4 (XA40) 2013-2018 Owners Manual: Lda (lane departure alert)

Summary of function

While driving on a road that has lane markers, this system recognizes the lane markers using a camera as a sensor to alert the driver when the vehicle deviates from its lane.

If the system judges that the vehicle may deviate from its lane, it alerts the driver using beeping and indications on the instrument cluster.

Camera sensor

Toyota RAV4. Camera sensor

Turning the lda system on

Press the “lda” switch to activate the system.

Lda indicator will come on.

Press the switch again to turn the lda system off.

The lda system will remain on or off even if the engine switch is turned to the “on” position (vehicles without a smart key system) or ignition on mode (vehicles with a smart key system).

Toyota RAV4. Turning the lda system on

Operating conditions

Indication on the instrument cluster

When the lda system is on, the lane lines are shown.

  1. The indicators of the lane lines come on in green when the right and left lane markers are recognized.
  2. The indicator of the recognized side lane line comes on in green when the right or left lane marker is recognized.
  3. The indicator of the lane line on the side the vehicle deviates from will flash when the vehicle deviates from the lane.
  4. The indicators of the lane lines turn off when no lane marker is recognized or the lda system is temporarily canceled.

Toyota RAV4. Indication on the instrument cluster

Temporary cancelation of the lda system

If any of the following occurs, the lda system will be temporarily canceled.

The function will resume after the necessary operating conditions have returned.

The lane departure warning

Depending on the audio system sound level or air conditioning fan noise while the audio system or air conditioning system is in use, it may be difficult to hear the warning sound.

After the vehicle has been parked in the sun

The lda system may not be available and the lda indicator comes on in yellow for a while after driving has started.

When the temperature in the cabin decreases and the temperature around the camera sensor („_p. 245) Becomes suitable for its operation, the functions will begin to operate.

If there are lane markers on only one side of the vehicles

The lane departure warning will not operate for the side on which lane markers could not be recognized.

Conditions in which the function may not operate correctly

In the following conditions, the camera sensor may be unable to recognize lane markers causing the lane departure warning function to operate incorrectly.

However, this does not indicate a malfunction.

When changing the tires

Depending on the tires used, sufficient performance may not be maintainable.

Warning indicators for lda system

Warning indicators are used to indicate a system malfunction or to inform the driver of the need for caution while driving.


Before using the lda system

Do not rely solely on the lda system. The lda system does not drive the vehicle automatically, nor does it reduce the amount of care you need to take. As such, the driver must always assume full responsibility for understanding his/her surroundings, for operating the steering wheel to correct the driving line, and for driving safely.

Inappropriate or negligent driving could lead to an accident.

To avoid operating the lda by mistake

Switch the lda system off using the “lda” switch when not in use.

Situations unsuitable for lda system

Do not use lda system in any of the following situations.

Otherwise, the system may not function correctly and could result in an accident.


To prevent damage to or incorrect operation of the lda system

Camera sensor

Observe the following to ensure that the lda system functions correctly.

When it is cold, using the heater with air blowing to the feet may allow the upper part of the windshield to fog up. This will have a negative effect on the images.


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