Toyota RAV4 manuals

Toyota RAV4 Owners Manual: Using the radio

Toyota RAV4. Using the radio

  1. Power
  2. Volume
  3. Adjusting the frequency
  4. Scanning for receivable stations
  5. Am/fm mode button
  6. Station selectors
  7. Seeking the frequency
  8. Displaying text message

Setting station presets

  1. Search for the desired stations by turning the ¢§tune¢escroll¢¸ knob or pressing  on the ¢§seek/track¢¸ button.

  2. Press and hold one of  the station is to
    be set to until you hear a beep.

Scanning radio stations

Scanning the preset radio stations

  1. Press and hold the “scan” button until you hear a beep.

Preset stations will be played for 5 seconds each.

To cancel, press the button again.

  1. When the desired station is reached, press the button again.

Scanning all the radio stations within range

  1. Press the “scan” button.

All the stations with reception will be played for 5 seconds each.

To cancel, press the button again.

  1. When the desired station is reached, press the button again.

Switching the display

Press the “text” button to display or hide the radio texts.

If there are continuing texts, is displayed.

Press the button to display the remaining texts.

When the battery is disconnected

Stations presets are erased.

Reception sensitivity


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