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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Engine (ignition) switch (vehicles without smart key system)

Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual / Driving / Driving procedures / Engine (ignition) switch (vehicles without smart key system)

Starting the engine

1. Pull the parking brake switch to check that the parking brake is set.

The parking brake indicator will come on.

2. Check that the shift lever is set in P.

3. Firmly depress the brake pedal.

4. Turn the engine switch to START to start the engine.

■If the engine does not start

The engine immobilizer system may not have been deactivated. Contact your Toyota dealer.

■When the steering lock cannot be released

When starting the engine, the engine switch may seem stuck in OFF. To free it, turn the key while turning the steering wheel slightly left and right.

Driving procedures


■When starting the engine

Always start the engine while sitting in the driver's seat. Do not depress the accelerator pedal while starting the engine under any circumstances.

Doing so may cause an accident resulting in death or serious injury.


■When starting the engine

Changing the engine switch positions

Driving procedures

  1. OFF ("LOCK" position) The steering wheel is locked and the key can be removed. (The key can be removed only when the shift lever is in P.)
  2. ACC ("ACC" position) Some electrical components such as the audio system can be used.
  3. ON ("ON" position)
    All electrical components can be used.
  4. START ("START" position) For starting the engine.

■Turning the key from ACC to OFF

1. Shift the shift lever to P.

2. Push in the key and turn it to OFF.

Driving procedures

■Key reminder function

A buzzer sounds if the driver's door is opened while the engine switch is in OFF or ACC to remind you to remove the key.


■Caution when driving

Do not turn the engine switch to OFF while driving. If, in an emergency and you must turn the engine off while the vehicle is moving, turn the engine switch only to ACC to stop the engine.

An accident may result if the engine is stopped while driving.


■To prevent battery discharge

Do not leave the engine switch in ACC or ON for long periods of time without the engine running.

Driving procedures

Engine (ignition) switch (vehicles with smart key system)
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