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Toyota RAV4 (XA40) 2013-2018 Service Manual: Refrigerant line

Components (2005/11-2006/01)

Toyota RAV4. Components (2005/11-2006/01)

Components (2006/01- )

Toyota RAV4. Components (2006/01- )

Toyota RAV4. Components (2006/01- )

discharge refrigerant from refrigeration system Start up the engine. Turn the a/c switch on. Operate the cooler compressor with an engine speed of approximately 1,000 rpm for 5 to 6 min ...

Air conditioning unit

Other materials:

Weight limits
The gross trailer weight must never exceed the TWR described below. Without towing package 1500 lb. (680 kg) With towing package 3500 lb. (1590 kg) The gross combination weight must never exceed the GCWR described below. Without towing package Vehicles without Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD ...

Outside vehicle
General maintenance Performing the following maintenance checks on the vehicle is the owner's responsibility. The owner may perform the maintenance or take the vehicle to a service center. Check the parts of the vehicle described below on a daily basis. In most cases, special tools are not requ ...

Headlight switch
The headlights can be operated manually or automatically. Turning on the headlights Operating the switch turns on the lights as follows: U.S.A. (Type A) The side marker, parking, tail, license plate, instrument panel lights, and daytime running lights turn on. The headlights and all light ...

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