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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Exterior

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The shape of the headlights may differ depending on the grade, etc.

  1. Side doors Locking/unlocking Opening/closing the side windows Locking/unlocking by using the key Warning messages
  2. Back door Locking/unlocking Opening from inside the cabin* Opening from outside
    Warning messages
  3. Outside rear view mirrors Adjusting the mirror angle Folding the mirrors
    Defogging the mirrors*
  4. Windshield wipers Precautions against winter season To prevent freezing (windshield wiper de-icer)* Precautions against car wash (Rain-sensing windshield wipers)* Replacing the wiper insert
  5. Fuel filler door Refueling methodv Fuel type/fuel tank capacity
  6. Tires Tire size/inflation pressure Winter tires/tire chain
    Checking/rotation/tire pressure warning system* Coping with flat tires
  7. Hood Opening
    Engine oil
    Coping with overheat
    Warning messages
  8. Headlights
  9. Turn signal lights
  10. Parking lights
  11. Daytime running lights
  12. Side marker lights
  13. Fog lights*
  14. Stop lights/tail lights/turn signal lights
  15. Tail lights
    Back-up lights
    Shifting the shift lever to R
  16. License plate lights Side turn signal lights*

*: If equipped

Pictorial index

Instrument panel
Engine switch Starting the engine/changing the modes Emergency stop of the engine When the engine will not start Warning messages*1 Shift lever Changing the shift position Precautions agains ...

Other materials:

Rear differential side gear shaft oil seal
Components Removal Drain differential oil (see page df-10) Remove tailpipe assembly Remove the tailpipe (see page ex-2). Remove center exhaust assembly Remove propeller with center bearing shaft assembly (see page pr-3) Remove rear differential carrier subassembl ...

Mil circuit
Description The mil (malfunction indicator lamp) is used to indicate vehicle malfunction detections by the ecm. When the ignition switch is turned on, power is supplied to the mil circuit, and the ecm provides the circuit ground which illuminates the mil. The mil operation can be checked ...

Forward clutch
Components Disassembly Inspect forward clutch (see page ax-227) Remove forward multiple disc clutch disc Using a screwdriver, remove the snap ring. Remove the flange , 5 discs and 5 plates from the input shaft. Inspect forward multiple disc clutch disc (see page ax-228 ...

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