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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Instrument panel

Pictorial index

  1. Engine switch Starting the engine/changing the modes Emergency stop of the engine When the engine will not start Warning messages*1
  2. Shift lever
    Changing the shift position Precautions against towing When the shift lever does not move
  3. Meters Reading the meters/adjusting the instrument panel light Warning lights/indicator lights When the warning lights come on
  4. Multi-information display Display
    When the warning messages are displayed
  5. Turn signal lever Headlight switch Headlights/parking lights/tail lights/ license plate lights/daytime running lights
    Fog lights*1
  6. Windshield wiper and washer switch Rear window wiper and washer switch Usage
    Adding washer fluid
    Warning messages
  7. Emergency flasher switch
  8. Hood lock release lever
  9. Tilt and telescopic steering lock release lever Adjustment
  10. Air conditioning system Usage
    Rear window defogger
  11. Audio system*2
  12. Fuel filler door opener lever

*1:If equipped

The shape of the headlights may differ depending on the grade, etc. Side doors Locking/unlocking Opening/closing the side windows Locking/unlocking by using the key Warning messages Back doo ...

Driving position memory switches*1 Window lock switch Power window switches Door lock switches Outside rear view mirror switches "ODO TRIP" switch (vehicles with 7-inch multi-information displ ...

Other materials:

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System description
General The air conditioning system has the following features: The air conditioning amplifier controls the operation of parts, such as the a/c compressor, automatically in accordance with the operating conditions of the air conditioning system. Mode position and damper ...

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