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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Front passenger occupant classification system

Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual / For safety and security / For safe use / Front passenger occupant classification system

Your vehicle is equipped with a front passenger occupant classification system. This system detects the conditions of the front passenger seat and activates or deactivates the front passenger airbag and seat cushion airbag in the front passenger side.

System components

For safe use

  1. SRS warning light
  2. Driver's and front passenger's seat belt reminder light
  3. "AIR BAG OFF" indicator light
  4. "AIR BAG ON" indicator light


■Front passenger occupant classification system precautions

Observe the following precautions regarding the front passenger occupant classification system.

Failure to do so may cause death or serious injury.

Condition and operation in the front passenger occupant classification system

■ Adult*1

For safe use

■ Child*4

For safe use

■ Child restraint system with infant*5

For safe use

■ Unoccupied

For safe use

■ There is a malfunction in the system

For safe use

*1:The system judges a person of adult size as an adult. When a smaller adult sits in the front passenger seat, the system may not recognize him/her as an adult depending on his/her physique and posture.

*2:In the event the front passenger is wearing a seat belt.

*3:In the event the front passenger does not wear a seat belt.

*4:For some children, child in seat, child in booster seat or child in convertible seat, the system may not recognize him/her as a child. Factors which may affect this can be the physique or posture.

*5:Never install a rear-facing child restraint system on the front passenger seat. A forward-facing child restraint system should only be installed on the front passenger seat when it is unavoidable.

*6:In case the indicator light is not illuminated, consult this manual on how to install the child restraint system properly.

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