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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Indicators

The indicators inform the driver of the operating state of the vehicle's various systems.

Turn signal indicator

Headlight indicator

Tail light indicator

Headlight high beam indicator

Automatic High Beam

Fog light indicator (if

Smart key system indicator*

Cruise control indicator

Dynamic radar cruise
control indicator

Cruise control "SET" indicator

LTA indicator*2

LTA indicator*2

LTA indicator*2

Intuitive parking assist
OFF indicator*3, 4 (if equipped)

PKSB OFF indicator*3, 5
(if equipped)

Slip indicator light*5

VSC OFF indicator*3, 5

PCS warning light*3, 5

BSM outside rear view
mirror indicators*5, 6 (if equipped)

BSM indicator (if

RCTA OFF indicator*3, 5
(if equipped)

Stop & Start indicator*5 (if

Stop & Start cancel indicator*
3, 5 (if equipped)

Brake hold standby indicator*

Brake hold operated indicator*

Security indicator*8

Low outside temperature

Eco Driving Indicator

Parking brake indicator

Parking brake indicator

Eco drive mode indicator

Sport mode indicator

Mud & sand mode indicator
(if equipped)

Rock & dirt mode indicator
(if equipped)

Snow mode indicator (if

Downhill assist control
system indicator*5 (if equipped)

indicator*5, 8

*1:This light illuminates on the multi-information display with a message.

*2:Depending on the operating condition, the color and illuminating/ flashing state of the light change.

*3:The light comes on when the system is turned off.

*4:Intuitive parking assist OFF indicator turns on when the engine switch is turned to ON while the Intuitive parking assist function is on. It will turn off after a few seconds.

*5:These lights turn on when the engine switch is turned to ON to indicate that a system check is being performed. They will turn off after the engine is started, or after a few seconds. There may be a malfunction in a system if the lights do not turn on, or turn off. Have the vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer.

*6:This light illuminates on the outside rear view mirrors.

*7:When the outside temperature is approximately 37ºF (3ºC) or lower, the indicator will flash for approximately 10 seconds, then stay on.

*8:This light illuminates on the center panel.

■BSM (Blind Spot Monitor) outside rear view mirror indicators (if equipped)

In order to confirm operation, the BSM outside rear view mirror indicators illuminate in the following situations:

If the system is functioning correctly, the BSM outside rear view mirror indicators will turn off after a few seconds.

If the BSM outside rear view mirror indicators do not illuminate or do not turn off, there may be a malfunction in the system. If this occurs, have the vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer.

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