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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Luggage cover (if equipped)

■ Installing the luggage cover

1. Compress the both ends of the luggage cover and insert into the recess to install.

Using the storage features

2. Pull out the luggage cover and hook it onto the anchors.

Using the storage features

■ Removing the luggage cover

1. Release the cover from the left and right anchors and allow it to retract.

Using the storage features

2. Compress the end of the luggage cover and lift the luggage cover up.

Using the storage features

■ Stowing the luggage cover

1. Open the rear deck board and remove the side deck covers.

When the back surface (resin surface) of the deck board is facing up, remove the deck board.

Using the storage features

2. Place the both ends of the luggage cover into the holder.

Using the storage features


■Luggage cover

■To prevent damage to the luggage cover

Do not place anything on top of the luggage cover. When rolling up the luggage cover, objects may be caught in the cover, damaging the cover and generating noise.

Luggage compartment features
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Using the other interior features

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