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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Luggage compartment features

Cargo hooks

Raise the hook to use.

The cargo hooks are provided for securing loose items.

Using the storage features


■When cargo hooks are not in use

To avoid injury, always return the hooks to their stowed positions when not in use.

Deck board

■ Flipping the deck board upside down

The deck board can be flipped upside down (resin side up) depending on the situation.

Using the storage features

  1. Original position
  2. Underside (resin side)

■ Changing the deck board positions

Height of the deck board can be changed by setting the deck board under the floor.

Using the storage features

  1. Upper
  2. Lower

1. Pull up the tab to raise the deck board and move it toward you to remove.

Using the storage features

2. Place the deck board through the groove and move forward.

Using the storage features

■ Setting the deck board upright

When taking out the tools, the deck board can be set upright.

When the back surface (resin surface) of the deck board is facing up, flip it back to the original position.

1. Pull up the tab to raise the deck board and fold it forward.

Using the storage features

2. Place the edge into the groove (A), and with the deck board in a standing state, put the edge into the holes (B).

Using the storage features


■When operating the deck board

Do not place anything on the deck board when operating the board.

Otherwise, your fingers may be caught or an accident may result causing injuries.

■Caution while driving

Keep the deck board closed.

In the event of sudden braking, an accident may occur due to an occupant being struck by the deck board or the items stored under the deck board.

Side auxiliary box

Type A

Using the storage features

Type B

Using the storage features

■Removing the partition plate

Using the storage features

Disengage the claws

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Luggage cover (if equipped)
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