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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Rear window wiper and washer

The rear window wiper and washer can be used by operating the lever.


■When the rear window is dry

Do not use the wiper, as it may damage the rear window.

Operating the wiper lever

Operating the switch
operates the rear wiper as follows:

Operating the lights and wipers

  1. *1 or
    *2 Off

  2. *1 or
    *2 Intermittent
  3. *1 or
    *2 Normal operation

*1:For the U.S.A.

*2:For Canada

Operating the lights and wipers

  1. Washer/wiper dual

Pushing the lever operates the wiper and washer.

The wiper will automatically operate a couple of times after the washer squirts.

■The rear window wiper and washer can be operated when

The engine switch is in ON.

■If no washer fluid sprays

Check that the washer nozzle is not blocked if there is washer fluid in the washer fluid reservoir.

■Back door opening linked rear window wiper stop function

When the rear window wiper is operating, if the back door is opened while the vehicle is stopped, operation of the rear window wiper will be stopped to prevent anyone near the vehicle from being sprayed by water from the wiper. When the back door is closed, wiper operation will resume.* *: The setting must be customized at your Toyota dealer.

■Reverse-linked rear window wiper function

When the shift lever is shifted to R when the front wipers are operating, the rear window wiper will operate once.


Setting of the reverse-linked function can be changed.


■When the washer fluid tank is empty

Do not operate the switch continually as the washer fluid pump may overheat.

■When a nozzle becomes blocked

In this case, contact your Toyota dealer.

Do not try to clear it with a pin or other object. The nozzle will be damaged.

■To prevent battery discharge

Do not leave the wiper on longer than necessary when the engine is off.

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