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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Trailer Tongue Weight

  • Tongue Weight

The gross trailer weight should be distributed so that the tongue weight is 9% to 11%.

(Tongue weight /Gross trailer weight x 100 = 9% to 11%)

Vehicles without towing package

Before driving

  1. Gross trailer weight
  2. Tongue weight

Vehicles with towing package

Before driving

  1. Gross trailer weight
  2. Tongue weight

The gross trailer weight, gross axle weight and tongue weight can be measured with platform scales found at a highway weighing station, building supply company, trucking company, junk yard, etc.


Trailer hitch assemblies have different weight capacities.

Toyota recommends the use of Toyota hitch/bracket for your vehicle. For details, contact your Toyota dealer.



Trailer hitch assemblies have different weight capacities established by the hitch manufacturer.

Even though the vehicle may be physically capable of towing a higher weight, the operator must determine the maximum weight rating of the particular hitch assembly and never exceed the maximum weight rating specified for the trailer-hitch. Exceeding the maximum weight rating set by the trailer-hitch manufacturer can cause an accident resulting in death or serious personal injuries.


■When installing a trailer hitch

Use only the position recommended by your Toyota dealer.

Do not install the trailer hitch on the bumper; this may cause body damage.

Selecting trailer ball (vehicles with towing package)

Use the correct trailer ball for your application.

Before driving

  1. Trailer ball load rating Matches or exceeds the gross trailer weight rating of the trailer.
  2. Shank length
    Protrudes beyond the bottom of the lock washer and nut by at least 2 threads.
  3. Shank diameter
    Matches the ball mount hole diameter size.
  4. Ball diameter
    Matches the size of the trailer coupler.

    Most couplers are stamped with the required trailer ball size.

Before driving

Positions for towing hitch receiver and hitch ball

Before driving

  1. Weight carrying ball position: 43.3 in. (1100 mm)
  2. Hitch receiver pin hole position: 38.1 in. (969 mm)

■Matching trailer ball height to trailer coupler height

No matter which class of tow hitch applies, for a more safe trailer hookup, the trailer ball setup must be the proper height for the coupler on the trailer.

Before driving

  1. Coupler
  2. Trailer ball

Connecting trailer lights

Please consult your dealer when installing trailer lights, as incorrect installation may cause damage to the vehicle's lights.

Please take care to comply with your state's laws when installing trailer lights.


■Do not directly splice trailer lights

Do not directly splice trailer lights.

Directly splicing trailer lights may damage your vehicle's electrical system and cause a malfunction.

Weight limits
The gross trailer weight must never exceed the TWR described below. Without towing package 1500 lb. (680 kg) With towing package 3500 lb. (1590 kg) The gross combination weight must never exce ...

Trailer towing tips
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