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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Trailer towing tips

Your vehicle will handle differently when towing a trailer. Help to avoid an accident, death or serious injury, keep the following in mind when towing:

Increasing vehicle speed can destabilize the trailer.

1. Apply the brakes and keep them applied.

2. Have someone place wheel blocks under both the vehicle's and trailer's wheels.

3. When the wheel blocks are in place, release the brakes slowly until the blocks absorb the load.

4. Apply the parking brake firmly.

5. Shift into P and turn off the engine.

1. With the transmission in P, start the engine. Be sure to keep the brake pedal depressed.

2. Shift into a forward gear. If reversing, shift into R.

3. If the parking brake is in manual mode, release the parking brake.

4. Release the brake pedal, and slowly pull or back away from the wheel blocks. Stop and apply the brakes.

5. Have someone retrieve the blocks.

■Break-in schedule

If your vehicle is new or equipped with any new power train components (such as an engine, transmission, differential or wheel bearing), Toyota recommends that you do not tow a trailer until the vehicle has been driven for over 500 miles (800 km).

After the vehicle has been driven for over 500 miles (800 km), you can start towing. However, for the next 500 miles (800 km), drive the vehicle at a speed of less than 45 mph (72 km/h) when towing a trailer, and avoid full throttle acceleration.


■If trailer sway occurs

One or more factors (crosswinds, passing vehicles, rough roads, etc.) can adversely affect handling of your vehicle and trailer, causing instability.

If you make no extreme correction with the steering or brakes, your vehicle and trailer should stabilize (if enabled, Trailer Sway Control can also help to stabilize the vehicle and trailer.).

If you cannot find any problems, the speed at which trailer swaying occurred is beyond the limit of your particular vehicle-trailer combination.

Drive at a lower speed to prevent instability. Remember that swaying of the towing vehicle-trailer increases as speed increases.

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