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Toyota RAV4 Service Manual: Diaphragm oil seal


Toyota RAV4. Diaphragm oil seal


  1. Drain differential oil

Toyota RAV4. Drain differential oil

  1. Using a 10 mm socket hexagon wrench, remove the rear differential drain plug and gasket, and drain the oil.
  2. Install a new gasket to the rear differential drain plug.
  3. Using a 10 mm socket hexagon wrench, install the rear differential drain plug and gasket.
  1. Remove propeller with center bearing shaft assembly (see page pr-3)

  2. Remove electromagnetic coupling (see page df-21)

  3. Remove 4wd linear solenoid (see page df-22)

  4. Remove yoke (see page df-22)

  5. Remove transmission coupling conical spring washer (see page df-22)

  6. Remove transmission coupling shim (see page df-22)

  7. Remove diaphragm oil seal

Toyota RAV4. Remove diaphragm oil seal

  1. Using sst, remove the oil seal from the rear differential carrier.

Sst 09308-10010


  1. Install diaphragm oil seal

Toyota RAV4. Install diaphragm oil seal

  1. Apply a light coat of mp grease no. 2 To the lip of a new diaphragm oil seal.
  2. Using sst and a hammer, tap the diaphragm oil seal into the rear differential carrier according to the specification.

Sst 09710-30021 (09710-03121), 09950-60010 (09951-00570), 09950-70010 (09951-07100)

Standard distance: 7.0 +-0.5 Mm (0.28 +-0.02 In.)

  1. Install transmission coupling shim (see page df-41)

  2. Install transmission coupling conical spring washer (see page df-41)

  3. Install yoke (see page df-41)

  4. Install 4wd linear solenoid (see page df-41)

  5. Install electromagnetic coupling (see page df-42)
  6. Temporarily install propeller with center bearing shaft assembly (see page pr-5)
  7. Fully tighten propeller with center bearing shaft assembly (see page pr-6)
  8. Inspect and adjust joint angle (see page pr- 4)
  9. Add differential oil
  1. Add differential oil (see page df-3).
  1. Check for differential oil leakage

If gas is leaking, tighten the areas necessary to stop the leak. Replace damaged parts as necessary.

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