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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Display contents

Following information is displayed on the multi-information display.

Multi-information display (with 7-inch multi-information display)

  1. Driving support system information

Displays recognized signs while the RSA system (if equipped) is operating.

Displays an image when the following systems are operating and a menu icon other than is

  1. Information display area

A variety of information can be displayed by selecting a menu icon.

Additionally, warning or suggestion/ advice pop-up displays will be displayed in some situations.

  1. Menu icons

■The multi-information display is displayed when

The engine switch is in ON.

■When changing driving mode

■Liquid crystal display

Small spots or light spots may appear on the display. This phenomenon is characteristic of liquid crystal displays, and there is no problem continuing to use the display.


■Caution for use while driving

Multi-information display (with 7-inch multi-information display)

Changing the display
The multi-information display is operated using the meter control switches. Scroll the screen*/switch the display*/move the cursor Press: Enter/Set Press and hold: Reset/Display customizable it ...

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