Toyota RAV4 manuals

Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Interior

Pictorial index

  1. SRS airbags
  2. Floor mats
  3. Front seats
  4. Rear seats
  5. Head restraints
  6. Seat belts
  7. Console box
  8. Inside lock buttons
  9. Cup holders
  10. Assist grips
  11. Rear seat heater switches*

*: If equipped


Pictorial index

  1. "SOS" button*1
  2. Auxiliary box
  3. Moon roof switches*1
  4. Interior lights*2 Personal lights
  5. Electronic sunshade switch*1
  6. Vanity mirrors
  7. Sun visors
  8. Inside rear view mirror*1 Digital Rear-view Mirror*1
  9. Garage door opener switches*1

*1:If equipped
*2:The illustration shows the front, but they are also equipped in the rear.

Driving position memory switches*1 Window lock switch Power window switches Door lock switches Outside rear view mirror switches "ODO TRIP" switch (vehicles with 7-inch multi-information displ ...

For safety and security

Other materials:

Rear no. 1 Suspension arm
Components Removal Hint: Use the same procedures for the rh side and lh side. The procedures listed below are for the lh side. Remove rear wheel Remove rear no. 1 Suspension arm assembly lh Support the no. 2 Suspension arm lh. Remove the bolt and 2 nuts from t ...

Front power seat lumbar switch
Inspection Inspect front power seat lumbar switch lh Measure the resistance between the terminals when the switch is operated. Standard resistance If the result is not as specified, replace the switch. ...

Receiving a call
When a call is received, the following screen is displayed together with a sound. To answer the phone Press the  switch on the steering wheel or select  . To refuse a call Press the   switch on the steering wheel or select   . To adjust the incoming call volume ...

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