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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Stop & Start system

The Stop & Start system stops and starts the engine according to brake pedal or shift lever operation when the vehicle is stopped, such as at a stoplight, intersection, etc., in order to improve fuel economy and reduce noise pollution caused by the engine idling.

Stop & Start system operation

■ Stopping the engine

While driving with the D shift position selected, depress the brake pedal and stop the vehicle.

The engine will stop automatically.

When the engine stops, the Stop & Start indicator will illuminate.

Opening the fuel tank cap

■ Restarting the engine

Release the brake pedal. The engine will start automatically.

When the engine starts, the Stop & Start indicator will turn off.

■ When the brake hold system is operating

■ When the dynamic radar cruise control with full-speed range is operating

Disabling the Stop & Start system

Press the Stop & Start cancel switch to disable the Stop & Start system.

The Stop & Start cancel indicator will illuminate.

Pressing the switch again will enable the Stop & Start system and the Stop & Start cancel indicator will turn off.

Opening the fuel tank cap

■Automatic enabling of the Stop & Start system

If the Stop & Start system is disabled using the Stop & Start cancel switch, it will be automatically re-enabled once the engine switch is turned off and then the engine is started.

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