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Toyota RAV4 (XA50) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: BSM (Blind Spot Monitor)

The Blind Spot Monitor is a system that uses rear side radar sensors installed on the inner side of the rear bumper on the left and right side to assist the driver in confirming safety when changing lanes.


■Cautions regarding the use of the system

System components

Opening the fuel tank cap

  1. Meter control switches Turning the Blind Spot Monitor on/off.
  2. Outside rear view mirror indicators When driving:
    When a vehicle is detected in a blind spot of the outside rear view mirrors or approaching rapidly from behind into a blind spot, the outside rear view mirror indicator on the detected side will illuminate. If the turn signal lever is operated toward the detected side, the outside rear view mirror indicator flashes.
  3. "BSM" indicator
    When the BSM function is turned on, the indicator illuminates.

■Outside rear view mirror indicator visibility

In strong sunlight, the outside rear view mirror indicator may be difficult to see.

■When "Blind Spot Monitor Unavailable" is shown on the multi-information display

Ice, snow, mud, etc., may be attached to the rear bumper around the sensors. The system should return to normal operation after removing the ice, snow, mud, etc. from the rear bumper. Additionally, the sensors may not operate normally when driving in extremely hot or cold environments.

■When "Blind Spot Monitor Malfunction Visit Your Dealer" is shown on the multi-information display

There may be a sensor malfunction of misaligned. Have the vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer.


Some functions can be customized.


■To ensure the system can operate properly

Blind Spot Monitor sensors are installed behind the left and right sides of the rear bumper respectively.

Observe the following to ensure the Blind Spot Monitor can operate correctly.

Opening the fuel tank cap

Turning the Blind Spot Monitor on/off

The Blind Spot Monitor can
be enabled/disabled on of
the multi-information display.

When the Blind Spot Monitor is enabled, the BSM indicator will illuminate.

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