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BMW 7 Series (G11/G12) 2015-2022 Owners Manuals: General driving notes- Braking safely

General information

The vehicle is equipped with an Antilock Braking System ABS as a standard feature.

Perform an emergency stop in situations that require such.

Steering is still responsive. You can still avoid any obstacles with a minimum of steering effort.

Pulsation of the brake pedal and sounds from the hydraulic circuits indicate that the Antilock Braking System ABS is in its active mode.

In certain braking situations, the perforated brake discs can emit functional noises. However, functional noises have no effect on the performance and operational reliability of the brake.

Objects in the area around the pedals


Objects in the driver's floor area can limit the pedal distance or block a depressed pedal.

There is a risk of accident. Stow objects in the vehicle such that they are secured and cannot enter into the driver's floor area. Use floor mats that are suitable for the vehicle and can be safely attached to the floor. Do not use loose floor mats and do not layer several floor mats.

Make sure that there is sufficient clearance for the pedals. Ensure that the floor mats are securely fastened again after they were removed, for instance for cleaning.

Pedal feel when driving off

After turning on the drive-ready state from the idle state, the pedal may feel unusual, short pedal distance. After the brake pedal has been fully released, the pedal will feel as usual again.

Driving in wet conditions

When roads are wet, salted, or in heavy rain, gently press the brake pedal every few miles.

Ensure that this action does not endanger other traffic.

The heat generated during braking dries brake discs and brake pads and protects them against corrosion.

In this way braking efficiency will be available when you need it.


General information

Drive long or steep downhill gradients in the gear that requires least braking effort. Otherwise, the brakes may overheat and reduce brake efficiency.

You can increase the engine's braking effect by shifting down, going all the way to first gear, if needed.

Safety information


Light but consistent brake pressure can lead to high temperatures, brakes wearing out and possibly even brake failure. There is a risk of accident. Avoid placing excessive stress on the brake system.


In idle state or with the engine switched off, safety functions, for instance engine braking effect, braking assistance and steering assistance, may not be available. There is a risk of accident. Do not attempt to drive in idle state or with the engine switched off.

Brake disc corrosion

Corrosion on the brake discs and contamination on the brake pads are increased by the following circumstances:

Corrosion buildup on the brake discs will cause a pulsating effect on the brakes in their response - generally this cannot be corrected.

Condensation water under the parked vehicle

When using the automatic climate control, condensation water develops and collects underneath the vehicle.

General driving notes- Flag bracket

Safety information


At high speeds, a mounted flag can cause damage to the vehicle, the flag bracket, and the flag itself. There is a risk of damage to property.

Do not exceed a speed of 80 mph / 130 km/h.

Remove flag before trips at high speeds.


General driving notes- Flag bracket

The flag bracket is located on the side of the vehicle.


  1. Remove the protective cap.
  2. Insert flag horizontally.
  3. Turn the flag clockwise by 90º to lock the flag.

M Driver's Package: driving in the higher speed range


Damage to vehicle components can negatively impact the driving performance at high speeds.

This includes, among other things, tires, undercarriage and parts for improving aerodynamics.

There is a risk of accident. Have damage corrected by a dealer's service center or another qualified service center or repair shop. Do not drive at high speeds until the damage is corrected.

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